what to expect after a dui in Colorado

Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer

Being charged with a DUI is an event that can change your life. In fact, even if you are not convicted for DUI, the mere presence of the arrest alone on your record could have serious consequences for your future. This is why if you are facing DUI charges, you need a DUI lawyer in Colorado on your side. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to represent yourself when facing criminal charges; this could have major repercussions.

As you start the process of searching for a DUI lawyer in Colorado, there are many things to consider. Here are some top factors that you should be paying attention to in your search for the right DUI lawyer in CO for your case:

Consider Experience

The first thing that you should think about when searching for a DUI lawyer in Colorado is their experience. A lawyer who has handled countless cases over the years and has decades of experience will offer many benefits that a newer attorney might not. Not only will the attorney know how to beat the prosecution’s case and protect your best interests, but they will also likely have a relationship with many of the key players in your case, including the judge, the prosecution, and the arresting officer.

Think About Distance

While you or your attorney can travel and communicate electronically, it’s smart to have an attorney who’s near you or, at the very least, who lives in the same area where charges are being brought against you. Again, local knowledge and relationships can be a boon to your case. More than this, though, you’ll likely want to meet with your attorney many times in person throughout the process. If you are located near each other, this will be more convenient.

Weigh the Attorney’s Case Outcomes

Building on the importance of experience, consider that you don’t just want to work with an attorney who is experienced, but an attorney who has a positive track record of winning cases like yours, securing jury verdicts of innocent, negotiating favorable plea bargains, and having charges against their clients dismissed. Ask your attorney to share information with you about past clients’ cases, or even refer you to previous clients for more information and a testimonial.

Learn About Legal Fees

Note that all defense attorneys who are not public defenders will charge clients a fee for their legal services. While this is standard, this is something that you should take into consideration when considering who to hire. The most important thing that you can do is to ask the attorney to provide you with transparent information about their fee arrangement, as well as how much they expect their services to cost overall, and how that cost may change if your case goes to trial. Hiring one of the most reputable DUI defense lawyers in Colorado may well be worth the cost, but this is a decision you should make after acquiring all of the information.

Factor in Compatibility

Finally, you should factor in the compatibility of personalities when making a hiring decision. You want to hire someone who is smart, skilled, and effective; you also want to hire someone whom you truly believe will put your best interests first and with whom you are comfortable spending a lot of time. If personalities don’t mesh, you may have a more difficult time being honest and open with your lawyer, things that are key in any case, but especially in criminal defense.

Learn More Before Making a Decision

It’s a good idea to do your homework on DUI lawyers in Colorado before hiring one. In addition to using search engines like Google to look up attorneys and attorney reviews, you can also look up a lawyer through the Colorado Supreme Court – Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. This can provide you with more information about an attorney’s background, registration and bar number (which can be used to look up any disciplinary actions that have been assessed against the lawyer), and their date of bar admission. Further, it’s smart to call an attorney or schedule a consultation to learn more about whether or not they can help you.

Our DUI Lawyers in Colorado Can Help

At the law office of Anderson & Carnahan Attorneys at Law, we know how scary it is to be charged for DUI offense in our state. If you are facing charges and aren’t sure what steps you should take next, we can help. Please reach out to a DUI lawyer from our law firm for more information, as well as aggressive defense services that you can count on. You can reach us online, in person, or by phone at (719) 454-8059.

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